How to install cookies in browser to get high CPC?

Install cookies on your browser and get more benefits. Today I am telling you the best process to install latest high cookie that I recently imported from the USA.

Step 1

First of all, you need to download 2 files…It’s compulsory 
1. Download Mozilla Firefox Version 56.0b2 and (Click here to download)

2. Download Cookies (Click here to download)

Step 2

1. Open Firefox and got to settings option and turn off Automatic Updates


2. Now go to Add-ons > and click Extensions and now click setting wheel


3. Click on “Install Add-on from File”  and choose “cookies_exportimport-1.0-fx.xpi” file from Cookie Files folder that you downloaded already. Now You will see a message like this.Click on “Add”.



4. Now Press “Alt” button to see Menu Bar of Mozilla Firefox.



5. Now Click on Tools > then click “Import Cookies” Now select the file (High After Installing, you will see a message like this, Click OK.


Now Cookie has been Installed on your Mozilla Firefox Browser. So Now Restart Your Computer, After restarting, Open Mozilla and Enjoy Cookies Benefits.

how to install cookies
how to install cookies


      1. i already install Mozilla Firefox Version 56.0b2 but failed to download cookies..
        so how to resolve this issue?Thanks.

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        AccessDeniedAccess denied.Anonymous caller does not have storage.objects.get access to drive-bulk-export-anonymous/20180209T003920Z/4133399871716478688/c549e9e1-4984-4580-a458-53a1f8bd1b8a/1/a7f76e33-d415-4438-83a2-9a7a0895e85c.

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