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Features :

  • New Generation Mobile Game Joystick: Winner winner chicken dinner! This pair of fire buttons will help you improve the gaming experience.

  • Supported Devices:Designed for games on iPhone and android, PUBG, Knives Out, Rules of Survival, Survivor Royale, Critical Ops.

  • High Sensitive: No Power supply and driver needed, easy to use and high precision, increase your game score.

  • How to Use: Before playing game, customize your shoot and aim buttons under the touch pad of the cell phone game controller.(Note: you need to do a few things to the game setting,Please set according to product instructions).

Packege List:

  • Mobile Game Controllers(Right and Left).

  • Portable plastic case.


1, Start your game, and press the “Settings”-“Control”-“Customize”;2, Move the “FIRE” button to the top of left corner;3, Move the “AIM” button to the top of right corner;4, Adjust the shoot and aim buttons under the touchpad,of the cell phone game controller.“Save” your settings.
WARNING: 1, When the installation is completed, you need to lock your screen, Start game again and then these buttons will work normally. 2, According to different mobile phones models, It may have position deviation shown in the picture, please adjust your button in a comfortable way.


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