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Introduction All the things which we wear during any sport ,they represent us. The cap is one of them which represent your side that from which side you are plying. In baseball your cap represents you and also complete your kit.

It also increase the grooming of the players. And every team of baseball wears a different cap to show their seprate look. The first baseball caps were worn in 1860s by the Brooklyn Excelsior . This was an amateur baseball team that was founded 6 years earlier. The baseball cap they wore became known as the “Brooklyn style” baseball cap. The modern baseball came about in the 1940s. There are different types of the baseball caps. Types Of Baseball Cap In this world there are many types and styles of the baseball caps. Because they are still use in the baseball. But there are some specific types of the baseball caps which are mostly used in these days.  Adjustable Hat  Fitted Hat  Flexifit Hat  Snapback Hat Adjustable hat It is unstructured hat which could be easily adjustable. These kind of caps have curved brim. It is adjustable with velcro. Fitted Hat This is a structured hat. And it is not adjustable. These kind of hats have flat or curved brim. And fitted hats are high profile hats. Flexifit Hat It is adjustable and structured hat .Flexifit hats are high profile hats and can be adjusted by using the elastic strips. Snapback Hat These are high profile hats and have a flat brim. It is adjustable by the snap closure.

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