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5 Modes 20 COB LED Solar Light USB Rechargeable Bulb Camping Lamp Travel Light Tent Solar lamp

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The LED bulb has a built-in battery. 
Powered by 6V-1.2W solar panels or mobile phone chargers, the charging port of the bulb is the Android port, which is the universal Android charger. 
But the solar circuit board can not charge the mobile phone, this must be noted, because the output voltage of the solar panel is 6V, the general input voltage of the mobile phone is only 1.5V. 
You can self-equipped with a buck charger to the phone installed, so that you can rest assured with our solar panel to charge the phone. 
Application sites: home lighting, emergency lights, camping lights, flashlights, and hooks designed and used, widely used in families, camping, tourism, outdoor and indoor lighting.
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