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Basic Kit for Incubator including W1209 + Casing + Adapter and 2 Pin DC Connector in Pakistan

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Basic Kit for Incubator including W1209 + Casing + Adapter and 2 Pin DC Connector 
The range of w1209 digital temperature controller is -50 to 110C. 
Resolution of temperature module at -9.9 to 99.9 is 0.1C 
The resolution of the module at all other temperatures is 1C. 
The accuracy of the measurement of the W1209 Temperature Control Switch is 0.1 C. 
Its control accuracy is 0.1C. 
The module refresh rate is 0.5 Sec. 
The power controlling module input power is 12V. 
NTC is its measuring inputs. 
Its output consists of 1 channel relay and its capacity is 10A. 
100% fully machine SMT, wave soldering, stable performance, good consistency 
Embedded central processor chip (MCU), more intelligent, lower power consumption 
Set up automatic power-off memory (MCU built-in EEPROM memory cell) 
Control accuracy of 0.1 degrees Celsius 
Hysteresis 0.1 from the setting, you can control the decimal (0.1 to 15.0) 
Perfect Fitting 
Clear Acrylic Case Shell Kit for XH W1209 Digital Temperature Control Module 
High-quality product 
Only include the case 
Model: Made for W1209 
Input Voltage: 100~240Vac,50/60Hz 
Output Voltage: 12v 
Output Current: 1A 
Max Power: 12W 
Dimension: 59*41*26.5mm
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