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Towerpro MG996R Servo 25T 11kg / 0.16sec / 55g MG996R MG996 Metal Gear RC Servo High Speed & Torque RC CAR Motor METAL GEAR HIGH TORQUE SERVO

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Khared Lo Ustad

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This is essentially an upgraded version of the famous towerpro MG995 servo. It now has a redesigned and IC controll system which makes it far more accurate. Its internal gearing and motor are also upgraded to improve dead bandwith and centering. 
All specifications are the same as the previous model MG995, however this servo is far more accurate, and safe to use in aircraft which require precise servo movements and perfect centering. 
High value, general purpose, standard size servo with high torque. Easily used with the Arduino Servo library. 
Weight: 55g 
Voltage: 4.8v / 6v 
Speed: 0.20sec/60deg (4.8v) - 0.16sec/60deg (6v) 
Torque: (4.8v) - (6v) 
Gear Material: Metal 
Gear Type: Digital 
Motor: Brushless 
Dimension: 40.7*19.7*42.9mm 
Temperature range: 0_ 55
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