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KERUI Android IOS app remote control WIFI GSM PSTN three in one home security alarm systemhigh qualitygsm alarm system

How does it work?

When the door sensor and PIR motion detector is triggered, The siren sounded and scared off the thief. At the same time, the owner will be notified by phone call, SMS, and APP push.

To Set host through phone or SMS remotely

W2 Host can be used as a normal cellphone to call other phones directly

Read RFID card to disarm, can learn 20 cards.
Scheduling Arm/Disarm.
8 groups scheduling Arm/Disarm function, and date can be selected to avoid arm and disarm frequently manually to realize automatic control

App support for several W2 alarm operation

product details

1.TFT color display, humanized menu, operation with voice prompt, easy to use

2.Support 2.4G WIFI wireless network, configuration network easy

3.Support feedback host real-time status to APP

4.App support for several W2 alarm operation

5.Read RFID card to disarm, can learn 20 cards.

6.Mobile APP set and remote control the host, with alarm push function, support IOS / Android operating system.

7.GPRS networking function, can be uploaded host state to network alarm management, also through the network alarm management client software, remotely host arm and disarm.

8.Can set CID number, compatible with international alarm networking protocol Contact ID

9.There are 99 zones and 8 zone types optional in each zone;ON/OFF siren in each zone is available

10.Host can be used as a normal cellphone to call other phones directly

11.To Set host through phone or SMS remotely.

12.8 groups scheduling Arm/Disarm function, and date can be selected to avoid arm and disarm frequently manually to realize automatic control.

13.One-way alarm linkage wireless relay,  and one-way wireless strobe siren

14.Control as much as 20 smart sockets through App, phone or SMS remotely, to realize appliances remote control.

15.Host dial phone number preset by user when alarms, and number never lost even power off

16.10s automatic message recording with builtin artificial voice, so that user can know the alarm place and zone when receive the alarm call remotely.

Kit 1:1 *W2 alarm panel,3*Pir motion detector,4*Door sensor,1*Wireless smoke detector,2*RFID card,1*Wifi IP camera,4*Remote control,2*Power adapter

Kit 2 :1 *W2 alarm panel,1*Pir motion detector,1*Door sensor,2*RFID card,1*Wifi IP camera,2*Remote control,2*Power adapter

Kit 3 :1 *W2 alarm panel,2*Pir motion detector,2*Door sensor,2*RFID card,2*Remote control,1*Power adapter

Kit 4 :1 *W2 alarm panel,2*Pir motion detector,3*Door sensor,1*Wireless extenal Siren,2*RFID card,2*Remote control,1*Power adapter

Kit 5 :1 *W2 alarm panel,3*Pir motion detector,2*Door sensor,1*Wireless smoke detector,2*RFID card,2*Remote control,1*Power adapter

Kit 6 :1 *W2 alarm panel,1*Pir motion detector,1*Door sensor,,2*RFID card,2*Remote control,1*Power adapter

Notice:we offer US/UK/EU/AU standard plug,please leave message to us the one you require,or we will according your country to ship the correct standard to you.

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