2018 Luxury Male Leather Purse Men’s Clutch Wallets Handy Bags Business Carteras Mujer Wallets Men Black Brown Dollar Price

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  • Brand Name:                                                                                 FEIDIKABOLO
  • Item Type:                                                                                        Wallet
  • Pattern Type:                                                                                     Letter
  • Model Number:                                                                                 009
  • Main Material:                                                                                   PU
  • Style:                                                                                                    Fashion
  • Item Height:                                                                                        12cm
  • Wallet Length:                                                                                     Long
  • Material Composition:                                                                       High-Grade PU Leather
  • Closure Type:                                                                                       Zipper
  • Gender:                                                                                                 Men
  • Lining Material:                                                                                  Synthetic Leather
  • Wallets:                                                                                                 Clutch Wallets
  • Item Width:                                                                                          5.2 cm
  • Item Weight:                                                                                        0.4 KG
  • Decoration:                                                                                           Letter
  • Item Length:                                                                                         22cm
  • color:                                                                                                    dark blue,brown,khaki
  • Wallet Size:                                                                                          W22 * H12 * T5.2 cm
  • For:                                                                                                       Man bags/Male bags
  • Men’s clutch purse:                                                                            men’s wallet crocodile
  • leather mens clutch wallet:                                                               mens clutch wallet
  • clutch wallet:                                                                                        mens clutch wallet for cards
  • leather men wallet clutch bag:                                                          handbag men wallets clutch
  • men clutch wallet long:                                                                       leather vintage mens wallet clutch zipper
  • purse:                                                                                                      wallets men

How does one become a salesman in a luxury store?

Coco Chanel, Louis Cartier and Albert Lancel were not only innovative creators. If the brands they created survived them, they were also pioneers in marketing. Men and women who create luxury must have talent; those who sell it too. “To succeed in the sale of luxury goods, you have to be passionate, curious and agile,” says Sabine Salats, headhunter. In a globalized and hypercompetitive sector, which weighed in 2016, 250 billion euros, the sales force is an army of indispensable infantrymen. How does one become a luxury soldier?
When a single sale can reach several hundred thousand euros, “the attention paid to the customer is commensurate with the sum, said Thibaut de La Rivière, director of luxury Sup. The seller must therefore adapt to different types of customers. What nationality, what culture is it? You do not sell a jewel in the same way to a Chinese tourist as a rich Parisian. What does the object represent for the buyer? The satisfaction of a desire, a display, an extra soul? It is necessary to understand the approach of the person who goes through the door of the store and to adapt, to seduce him and to convince him to acquire what he does not need.

Places are expensive

“In France, recruitment is limited,” says Sabine Salats. “In this sector, the variable portion of salaries can reach hundreds of thousands of euros, when it comes to special orders from the most fortunate customers,” says another leading industry specialist. Places are expensive. “Many candidates have a senior technician certificate in business unit management. Others have done an intermediate level business school like Idrac or EDC. “The Bachelor of Commerce Trades created by Sup de Luxe” matches the needs of brands, “said Ms. Salats.

It is however outside France that the opportunities are the most numerous and the recognition of the value of the diplomas, more relative. Sophie Lebeau, former operations manager of the Dubai Mall’s Louis Vuitton store, explains: “When you are in charge of a team of 90 people of 17 different nationalities, it is difficult to recognize, or compare, the value a Russian, Chinese, Syrian or Turkmen degree. Recruitment is done by interview. We focus on skills in the customer approach, knowledge of the sector and products, as well as experience. Being self-taught is not a bad thing. What matters is knowing how to turn a visit into a sale.

Young graduates are rarely released in the big bath of the sale when leaving school. “The financial stakes are such that it is unimaginable to miss a sale due to a lack of experience,” recalls Sabine Salats. The first position is that of sales assistant. Only the most experienced employees are in contact with a clientele as wealthy as volatile.


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