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The Pakistan Still Prefer Shopping in Stores to Purchase Online

(AFP) – Despite the rise of online commerce, the Pakistan remain attached to physical outlets, preferring three-quarters shop in the store rather than the internet and plebiscient human contacts allowed by the sale “old-fashioned” “.

According to an Ipsos poll published on Monday, 72% of Pakistan people say they prefer to shop in stores rather than online.

Regardless of the category of products, 95% of respondents say they buy often or consistently in stores. This is especially true for food (89%) or clothing (60%).

Even cultural products, which are at the top of the list of products consumed via the internet (28%), are still mostly bought in stores (40%).

The first asset shops remain their living side and their human dimension, cited respectively by 92% and 91% of Pakistan , just in front of the quality of reception (88%).

As for the Internet, it wins the palm of practicality (95%), but lacks human warmth for 84% of respondents.

“The Pakistan are afraid of living in a dehumanized and disembodied world … They are seeking to be more and more accompanied in their purchasing, especially when the price is high” and they “remain very attached to the experiences of the real life, more intense, more surprising, more human, “comments Ipsos.

Two in three (66%) say they attach importance to human contact when they buy and like to talk to sellers. A trend that has been growing since the beginning of the crisis with consumers who need more reassurance.

The other asset of the store is the ability to touch and try products before buying, cited by 78% of respondents.

Finally, the shops allow you to be more surprised (71%) and discover the latest innovations, further promoting shopping pleasure and impulse, which are twice as many stores than online. Online Shopping in Pakistan

But this preference should not lead stores to rest on their achievements, quite the contrary.

internet pushes the shops to innovate

The share of purchases on the internet, currently 8%, continues to grow, as the share on smartphones. And if it is not intended to replace stores, the web has given rise to new requirements, both in terms of services (delivery), or offer or immediate purchase.

“Nothing will replace the store for the purchase pleasure, but the shops must adapt to renew the experience of customers (…) who do not want to be opposed no barrier (out of stock, expectations cash .. . “, says Stephan Rimbeuf, Deloitte’s distribution specialist.

“The retail business is at a crossroads, the stores need to evolve quickly, to give customers additional reasons to come to the store rather than fall back on the Amazon ogre,” said Ian Marriageable, president of World Retail Congress, to be held from 7 to 9 October in Paris.

With this in mind, several stores are now redoubling innovations (in-store touch tablets), services (free delivery) or entertainment (workshops) to attract consumers, by focusing on pleasure and personalized advice.

“The customer does not just come to the store to buy, but also to discover, we must not only be a business store, but also a place of inspiration and life,” says Alexander Riot, director of BHV, large Parisian store in full molt.

“The store of the future must combine proximity and technology and be original to turn potential customers into real buyers,” says a Fujitsu study of Pakistan Shopping Stores who estimate 94% that they must become “service providers and not only sellers “.

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